Halo Reach Freezing Older Xbox 360s

UPDATE:  Based off posts on Bungie’s forums users are finding out via Xbox Support that you can send your console in and it will be repaired.  According to one user who did a little digging, the repair center does not do an actual hardware fix, but instead does a software update that seems to fix many of the crashing issues.  This means that theoretically Microsoft or Bungie could do a title update to fix the problem.  We are currently asking for responses from Microsoft employees on the issue, but have not heard anything back.  We will continue to issue updates going forward.

News is trickling across the internet that Bungie’s latest videogame opus, Halo Reach, is causing older models of the Xbox 360 to freeze. From what we are hearing the problem occurs  either in the first few missions or during loading screens. The error either freezes the screen or pops up the “cannot read disc” error. Installing the game also doesn’t seem to fix the problem, as users get a blank green screen shortly after loading the game.  The issue is apparently plaguing older 360s for the most part, particularly first year Pro models with the 20GB harddrive and is not necessarily disc related.

As a side note, I have personally had this problem with my launch 360 (which had been repaired 4 times for the RROD error).

As of yet Microsoft has not officially responded to the claims, though Bungie has a fairly lively thread on their official forums.



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